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Repairing cracks in industrial concrete floors

You are a company and you have just noticed that the floor of your professional premises (warehouse, factory, parking lot, etc.) is damaged. It is necessary to act quickly to avoid making matters worse. Unfortunately, the wear and tear of a concrete floor is not something to be taken lightly and it is necessary to call in professionals qualified in the field of repair and renovation of industrial concrete floors.

How to repair a defect in the ground?

There happen to be three types of defects that can affect an industrial concrete floor or slab. First, there are the holes which can be of a larger or smaller diameter. They are usually caused by falling objects or the movement of heavy machinery. Then there are the cracks, caused by wear and tear or ground movement. They extend over a more or less important length. Finally, over time, the concrete may end up having roughness.

To solve this problem, there are several techniques used by team of professionals. They aim to:

The crack repair on a floor or a concrete slab

The filling of holes, joints, cracks, roughness, imperfections, irregularities using sealants, plasters or resin mortars.

You can call on floor repair experts

Today, you work with many private companies as well as public actors. Floor repair services are been provided in the industrial field, in the construction industry, with local communities, but also in the logistics and mass distribution sector.

Repair industrial floors

In factories, warehouses or production lines, it is not uncommon for soil to deteriorate under the weight of plant and equipment. Defects, holes, roughness and cracks can also be caused by falling objects, the passage of handling equipment or heavy goods transport vehicles. Ground movements can also be the cause of premature wear of a concrete floor. Professional floor repairs teams work with manufacturers in many areas (agrifood, production, logistics, transport, etc.).

Work for the construction sector

Public works and construction companies regularly call on expert services for the construction and renovation of concrete floors and car parks. The floors of underground car parks, for example, are made of concrete, with floor markings and non-slip resin finishing. It happens that the coating is damaged by the movement of the ground or by force of passage of heavy vehicles. It is for this reason that the customers regularly ask for crack filling and repair services.