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Business on Amazon by Knowing How Amazon works

Many people are interested in how Amazon, one of the largest trading platforms on the Internet, works. The most important role in organizing Amazon’s work is played by an automated warehouse system. Everything is arranged in such a way that any employee can find the necessary product in the shortest possible time. Compliance with the principles of work in the warehouse is monitored. The control is carried out using modern software.

Amazon keeps up with the times and tries to minimize the human factor in the organization of work processes. The system independently tracks orders, finds the location of the goods in the database by number, and the employee only has to pick it up from the specified shelf.

Amazon monitors the productivity of warehouse workers through a feedback system. Every gatherer has a plan to stick to. For its implementation, the staff has all the conditions, including technical ones. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the timeliness of sending orders to the Amazon buyer.

Why Amazon is useful

Amazon offices are located in different countries. For Russian consumers, branches in the USA, Germany and the UK are of interest, since it is these sites that offer delivery to our country.

Moreover, for residents of Russia, these Amazon representative offices provide:

  • a wide range of goods (USA);
  • favorable delivery after deducting VAT (Great Britain);
  • favorable delivery of game consoles and goods from some other categories (Germany).

As we have already found out, almost all goods are delivered to customers from Amazon warehouses. Any trading operations go through the official website, thereby guaranteeing complete security of the client’s confidential data. It is profitable for Russian buyers to order goods on Amazon for the main reason – low cost.

Payment for the product and Amazon warranties

Amazon tries to attract as many customers as possible by offering favorable conditions for placing an order. At the moment, it is impossible to use the Paypal system to pay for the goods (checking paypal sending limit), but the following methods are available:

  • payment by plastic cards;
  • payment via WebMoney;
  • payment via Yandex.Money.

As a rule, there are no problems with payment in the Amazon store. If the transaction cannot be completed, most likely it is the bank’s initiative. Such problems are solved by contacting the technical support service.

Thanks to such a well-coordinated system, Amazon sends customers more than three million orders every day. Understanding how it works, such indicators cease to seem unrealistic, even taking into account the fact that every day there are more and more Amazon customers. In 2014, Amazon launched a warehouse robotics venture that includes the creation of mobile shelves. Amazon also providing game platform like h game In 2017, there were more than 100,000 robots in Amazon warehouses around the world, but they are not yet autonomous – they are insured and controlled by people. As a result, the company is hiring more and more workers, while increasing the proportion of automation. Therefore, it is possible that in the near future human participation in the production process of Amazon will be reduced to an absolute minimum.


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