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How to Earn Links Organically & Resist the Dark Side?

Link building to date is an SEO factor of paramount importance and has considerable gravity in the algorithm. However, there has been a dramatic change in the process of link acquisition. Link earning is an intrinsically connected and trusted digital marketing strategy. Organic links are of enormously great significance, and they have to be acquired naturally. Unfortunately, it is precisely what makes it so hard and tricky to obtain natural links. The professionals atsocial media marketing agency Columbus will explain the process of organic link earning.

What are organic links?

Organic linking is the process of putting up links on websites without the explicit intention of influencing the Google rankings. These links are not elicited in any way, and that is why they are called natural or organic links. These links are considered to be a vote of confidence from one page to another. These increase the ranking of the page which has been linked. There is no explicit agreement to exchange links between pages in the case of organic linking.

The specialists at Columbus PPC company explain what makes a link organic. A link is considered to be organic if it fulfills the following criteria:

  • The link must be earned by building a genuine connection with other human beings.
  • The link is built on merit. This means a website is linking back to your page because of its credibility and authenticity.
  • The link must provide value to people on a website, ensuring that your page will be organically linked to another website.

However, a link is not organic if it checks any of the following boxes:

  • The link is paid. If at any point in time money changes hands for a link exchange, it becomes advertising.
  • The link is on a site on which anybody can publish. If people get back-end access to the site and publish low-quality content, it is not truly an organic link.
  • If the link is created through some scheme like PBN or link exchange, it is no longer an organic link.

Advantages of organic links:

There are several advantages of organic link acquisition. The experts at Columbus social media marketing agency discuss three of the most compelling ones.

Increase in website traffic:

Acquiring organic links is an excellent way to increase website traffic naturally. A link from another site will direct the audience towards your page to have more visitors. However, it does not guarantee conversions or sales.

Increase in brand awareness:

An organic link gives you substantial exposure on the internet. If you get a link on a credible website with a large number of visitors, you will be noticed by a lot more people. However, a small link blog might not give you extensive exposure but might successfully introduce you to your niche audience.

Increase in search credibility:

Links can increase the authority and credibility of your brand, and the search engine is likely to boost your page if trusted sites are linking to your page. Thus it improves the rankings of your website on the SERP.

Earning links organically:

There are four main aspects of earnings organic links, according to the experts at PPC agency Columbus. These are as follows:

Creating linkable content:

If you want to obtain organic links, you must ensure that your content is linkable. You must consider what value you could offer to the readers based on your area of expertise and to whom you will provide that value. Simply assuming that people will be interested in reading your content is not enough. You have to figure out which audience you wish to serve and how do you plan to do it. Try to understand what people need and what solutions and information you can provide about that. Here are some ideas for creating linkable content:

  1. Create valuable data-backed content with statistics and information from high authority sources
  2. A how-to tutorial or guide aimed at educating readers
  3. Content with engaging visualized information for more excellent readability

Finding niche sites to target:

The second step to achieve organic linking is looking for sites on which your content will seamlessly fit. Again, you should focus on factors like relevance and community activities while looking for target sites. Although they might not be high authority sites, they may be a great place to showcase your content. Keywords and competitor backlinking are a great way to search for target sites. You could also use tools such as Semrush or Majestic to connect to site owners and guest writers.

Focus on outreach:

Finally, the last step is reaching out to the webmasters. You need to connect with the people who are managing your target sites and let them know about this great piece of content that you have to offer.

It is essentially a two-fold process. First, you have to identify the right people to reach out to to get your job done, and secondly, write the outreach email. While writing the outreach email, make sure to stick to the point and be short, precise, and straightforward. It is essential to show that you’re an actual person who has written valuable content for real people.

Measuring the results and nurturing them:

Deriving measurable results is key to successful organic linking. It will help you know which links are beneficial for you. You should compare your links based on parameters like relevance, value, and trust. Third-party authority metrics can also be considered in this respect. You should also set your SEO objectives to track your link building. Finally, you should optimize your content with high-performing keywords and create detailed content for better results.

Final words:

It is all about creating the right kind of content with so much value that bloggers and specialists in the field can’t help but link to it. The piece of content you are posting has to be credible, relevant, and unique in a way connected to your brand so that it tells a story that deserves to be shared. We hope that this article will be able to guide you with a roadmap for organic link earning.


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