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The Samsung Galaxy Note20 has four features worth upgrading for


Samsung’s latest stylus is now available for purchase. As of August 1, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 was still uncertain whether it would be released as scheduled. The latest Note series has emerged despite the COVID-19 pandemic and is a popular option among those interested in a nearly tablet-sized display with traditional smartphone functionality. We explore Samsung Galaxy Note20’s best features so you can decide if it’s worth the upgrade!

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Features to Upgrade For

Samsung Galaxy Note10 appears to be a significant improvement from last year’s model, thanks to the larger display, increased storage, improved camera features, and Snapdragon 865 processor. Explore the new Note’s many features by reading on!

Snapdragon 865 Processor

Android “power users” have long favored the Note series. Samsung’s Galaxy Note20, which is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, definitely stands out. In addition to Gigapixel-speed photography and desktop-level gaming capabilities, this 5G platform makes interacting with use more intelligent. In addition, it displays more intuitive AI features, making it a “smarter” virtual assistant.

Sleek Design and Displaytwo galaxy note 20 models with stylus

Smartphones with as few bezels as possible are preferred by most users. Featuring a super-vibrant Super AMOLED Plus display, the Galaxy Note20 is nearly bezel-less. With a height of 6.7 inches, the Note device falls into the “phablet” range of smartphones, meaning that its screens are more akin to tablets. Its more advanced version, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, measures 6.9 inches. Despite their immersive viewing experience, users can still tuck these handheld devices away to take with them. With the Stylus S Pen, you can take pictures, switch between music, and so much more through the click of a button!

Professional-Level Rear Camera Specs

Take professional-quality photos with a simple click of the Stylus – or snap of the button on the Galaxy Note20! In addition to the 12MP primary camera and the 64MP telephoto, the 8K video recording allows you to capture the best images. Even better, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra includes a 108MP main camera, a 12MP telephoto camera, a 12MP ultrawide camera, and a laser-focus sensor. Better low-light performance, color accuracy, and dynamic range contribute to better images.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

We’ve never seen a device with so much battery capacity before, but the Galaxy Note20 boasts a higher battery capacity than previous Samsung models. You can rely on the Note’s 4,3000 mAh battery to keep you going all day. A larger battery can be found on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, the most advanced version in this series.

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