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Use Numerology When Choosing a Company Name

You and everyone else are made of energy, just like money. Even the names we use for one another have energy. Whether it is the name of your child or your company, the vibrations the name generates have a direct bearing on the traits, skills, flaws, nature, and future of the name holder.

According to numerologists, numbers can give you a better understanding of life and a feeling of purpose as you navigate it. The choice of a company name is essential, and a numerologist in India can give it the extra boost it needs to succeed. Numerology can be used in a variety of contexts, such as:

  • Company or business name
  • Company name
  • Name of owner
  • Date of birth of the owner
  • Logo creation
  • Dates for the bid and launch

How to choose a firm name using numerology

The two most widely used techniques for figuring out expression numbers are:


The well-known mathematician Pythagoras, who was enamoured, stated his theorem regarding how numbers impact our life. Using Pythagoras’ approach, the word “APPLE” will include the expression number: 1+7+7+3+5 = 23

2+3 = 5, which results from further addition to reach a single-digit number.



Those who lived in ancient Babylon founded this system. The expression number for the name APPLE will be: according to the Chaldean system. 1+8+8+3+5 = 25

2+5 = 7, which you can multiply further to achieve a single-digit number.

The primary distinction between the two systems is that. In contrast, the former utilizes a scale of 1–9 to assign numbers to alphabets, while the latter uses a scale of 1–8 and considers “number 9” transformational.

The most well-known method is the Pythagorean one, and we will use it to analyze business name numerology in this post further.

What do the numbers in a business name mean?

Number 1: 

In the field of numerology near me, the number one is seen as lucky. It represents the number of pioneers, inventors, decision-makers, and explorers.

Businesses with expression No. 1 include, India’s first matrimonial website, and Microsoft, a global technology powerhouse. Both are, without a doubt, pioneers and leaders in their respective industries.

Number 2: 

This song is entirely about teamwork, friendship, relationships, and harmony. This number can help if your company deals with marriages, relationships, counselling, or coaching. For instance, Max Healthcare, one of the top medical facilities in India, has an expression number of 2.

Number 3: 

This is the number of originality, self-expression, and the art of speaking and presenting.

The Aditya Birla Group is a fantastic illustration of this figure. one of the most potent groups in India, with operations in 14 different industries, including communication.

Number 4: 

Additionally, the powerful vibration of this number enables you to do your task in an organized manner. As a result, this number should be advantageous to any organization that uses established procedures and practices, such as bookkeeping, accounting, finance, and insurance.

One notable Indian real estate developer is DLF, which has the expression number 4.

Number 5:

The two most popular numbers for enterprises are 1 and 5. Five is the number of enjoyment, exploration, and liberation. Therefore, choosing a name with the expression “number” should be helpful if you intend to start a travel blog or something related to transportation.

For instance, phrase No. 5 is used by WeWork, Canva, and the well-known travel website Goibibo. There are numerous famous examples of this number.

Number 6: 

This is the number of healing, home, & harmony. Any company that deals with health, medicine, homes, dining establishments, or products for the house should use this number. As an illustration, the name Fortis Healthcare totals 6.

Its healing energy is comparable to that of one’s own home. Although it might not bring in money right first, it can draw a devoted audience. If you’re planning a homemade food service, a spa, or a real-estate business, this number should help.

Number 7:

You may use three vital phrases to describe this number: curiosity, spirituality, and reflection. You might be curious about how it would help your company. The top two businesses in India, Reliance Industries Limited and Bharti Airtel have expression number 7. Tinder is a well-known example as well.

Number 8:

The eighth number represents equilibrium. One of the most potent numbers, it draws in great vigor. It is the number of Saturn and a planet thought to be particularly powerful.

However, you should choose this number cautiously because it has the power to make or shatter your fortunes. However, it is advised against using the number 8 in the name of a new company. It is not recommended for a new firm to use the number 8, which is thought to be connected to high-risk levels.

Number 9: 

This number represents altruism, idealism, and total transformation. It is frequently known as “the divine 9.”

Businesses like Patanjali Ayurved, Wipro, FedEx, and AT&T that provide community service, fundraising, and total transformations can use this number.



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