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What Are Instagram Reels, and Can you Use Them For Your Business?

Every company is represented on at least an Instagram presence. A lot of businesses use IGTV, Stories, Posts, etc., to keep up with trends on Insta trends. But what is the deal with Reels?

What are Instagram Reels?

If you’ve ever watched any TikTok video, you should think about Reels as a powerful competitor gaining much attention.

Reels allow you to record and edit between 15 and 30 seconds of multi-clip video clips. You can also add audio and text, special effects, and many other features. Reels come as a new and refreshing option within the vast Instagram environment. Users can create short and engaging videos to entertain or inform their audiences. The goal is to draw interest with the power of creativity. But what makes Reels different from Stories? Let’s discover with GoViral.

Instagram Stories and Reels What’s the Different?

Instagram Stories and Instagram Stories may seem similar. While there might not be any significant differences between them, here’s the difference between them:

Format In Instagram Reels, you can only upload videos. At the same time, Stories lets you upload both videos and images.

Captions: While you can put an entire caption to Instagram Reels, Stories don’t permit captions of any kind.

Hashtags You can create at least thirty hashtags in Instagram Reels and up to 10 hashtags on Stories.

Lifespan: In contrast to Instagram Stories, which disappear within 24 hours. Reels will not fade for 24 hours. They will stay on a separate Reels page on the profile.

Engagement: As you like Instagram Feed posts. Instagram Feed posts, users can post comments publicly on Reels. While in Instagram Stories, Instagram users can only communicate with one another via direct messages.

Placement: Instagram Reels may be added to your main Instagram feed and on the Explore tab (if you have a public account) and the specific Reels page on your account. You may also post Reels on your Instagram Stories feed, and in this, you will see them disappear within 24 hours.

Editing: Instagram Reels have various editing tools, including AR effects speeds, speed controls, and the possibility of aligning or stitching videos for smoother transitions and even include watermarks. It is also possible to have your original audio into your Reels associated with you. Other users can use the audio to create their reels.

Do businesses need Facebook Reels?

Of course, they will!

First of all, Instagram offers a large “active” audience base that can be easily tapped using Reels. By sharing Reels via your Explore page, you’ll be able to present your content before an enormous audience in addition to your Feed.

Additionally, Reels let you be as imaginative and innovative in your content as you like. It’s easy to go viral when you play around with the features-packed Instagram Reels and power up your message with quick, entertaining videos.

Furthermore, using it does not need any investment. Regardless of the scale of your company, it would help if you considered using Reels as a component of the social marketing strategy to reap the benefits they bring.

How Do I Make A Reel on Instagram?

There are three methods to open Instagram Reel and begin creating it. It can be done on the Instagram Home screen or from the specific Reels tab or click to open Instagram Stories. Instagram Story camera.

1. Access the Instagram Reels

From Instagram’s Home screen: To access Instagram Reels via the Instagram homepage screen, click the “+” icon on the left side of the screen and select the REELS option.

In The Instagram Reels tab: For creating a Reel via Instagram’s Reels tab, click the Reels icon located at the lower right of the screen, then click the camera in the upper-right.

From the Instagram Stories camera: To create your Reel by accessing it from Instagram’s Stories camera, click on the “+” icon on the Your Story tab in the upper-left.

Click on “Reels” to open the “Reels” icon positioned either between the Normal mode default and Created mode or in the menu at the bottom right next to “Story.”

Step 3: Modify the settings

Duration: Instagram gives users the option of switching between 15 or 30 seconds when selecting an appropriate time limit. Click the top tab of the left menu and choose the length you’d like. You can make Reels that are Reel shorter than the selected duration but not more than the time you designated.

Audio: Next is the icon of music. Click the icon to play audio. You can make a Reel using the original audio or import it using the application. Choose it from the already saved music (other people’s original audio can be saved) or browse through the available choices. Search for music to locate the song you wish to include in your reel. Once you’ve chosen the theme, scroll the bar to the bottom of the screen to add it to your video.

Note: Some businesses might not be able to include the audio on their Reels or might not get access to the Instagram music library due to restrictions on commercial music rights. However, they can still utilize their original audio recordings using the Reel.

Speed Play: Click Play to choose the playback speed. It ranges between .3X up to 5X.

Effects: Click on the face icon to access various effects and select the one you like.

Timers: If you wish to keep track of the duration of your Reel hands-free, click the stopwatch symbol to start the timer.

Step 3: Upload your video or record an already recorded one.

Press the record button to record your reel. If you want to stop the filming, press the record button. You may also delete or trim the reel you recorded by going back to by clicking the “<” icon.

You can create as many videos as you would like and then put them together to make a unison transition, which Reels is known for.

If you’re not interested in the record, you may upload a previously recorded video. But you can’t modify the footage or even include music. It’s only possible to add stickers, text, and filters to the pre-recorded video.

Step 4: Add Text and stickers

After your recording is completed or you’ve uploaded your video, you can use drawings tools to select an option from the list of choices available.

Step 5 Add a caption as well as hashtags.

After adding the final elements to your reel, you hit “>” to go to the last screen. You can now add your catchy caption and include hashtags to increase the reach of your Reel.

Step 6: Share the reel

Your work can be displayed. You can share it on your Stories and post this to the Feed. It could also be displayed at the top of Instagram’s Explore page if a publicly-accessible Instagram account is available.

It’s because most users are on Instagram to be inspired. It could be for health or wealth and career, business and relationships. However, most Instagram followers are connected to companies and influencers to improve their lives somehow.

You can design inspiring reels to aid your followers in learning how to be successful in the things they are looking for.

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