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Amazon Seller registration: How to create the Amazon seller account

Do you know how many active Amazon sellers there are? Do you know how much they have sales on the products per month? Amazon selling is an excellent opportunity for those who want to build their sustainable passive income stream. 

In the case, if you think that Amazon selling a business is the quick way to become rich, then you are wrong. It takes money and time to sell your products on the Amazon marketplace successfully. 

This article tells you how to register a seller on Amazon. You can easily create an Amazon seller account if following the guide. 

Visit the Amazon website. 

This is the first step of the Amazon seller account process. First, visit the official Amazon sell website. Tap on the see pricing button under the make money option. 

If you tap on the sign-up button, you will be redirected to the registration page for professional sellers. 

Choose the between the individual and the professional seller account

The website provides two seller plans, individuals and professionals. A professional account is suggested if your selling rate is over 40 products per month. When the selling rates are less than 40 products, then you should go with the individual seller account. 

Tap on create a new account and give the required details 

After choosing the seller plan, you must enter the email details and the password. Once you click on the next button, you have to fill in the OTP that is sent to your email address. 

OTP is the sort method of verification of your email address. After entering the OTP, your seller account details are verified. Then, tap on the create Amazon account option. 

Choose the business type and the business location

You have to provide the same details in the registration process. In this, you have to tell the business location and business type, and fill in the details such as the driving license and the passport number. 

Choose the marketplace

Once you choose the business type and the business location, then you have to choose the marketplace on which you want to sell the products, and then tap on the next button. 

In this, you have to give the billing information, through which your identification is verified, whether the credit card information is accurate or not. 

Address verification

The last step you have to verify the Amazon account details. In this, make sure to check the business address. Once you check the business address, then tap on the confirm button. A postcard will then deliver to your address with the verification code. 

Once you get the card, you have to enter the verification code into the specific field and then click on next to complete the verification process. 


In this article, you will get an idea of the way to create an Amazon seller account. If you want to build your successful Amazon business, then you have to first create your seller account by following all the above steps.


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