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Common Mistakes that Companies Make when Conducting Competitive Intelligence

The competitive intelligence process is currently being used by a host of companies in the market as a means of looking for ways through which they can outperform other organizations in the same industry. There is no doubt that competition is increasing, and organizations have to find some innovative ways through which they can be able to survive in the market. However, in this process, there is a feeling that a considerable number of companies have been making some major mistakes in competitor analysis.

When a company makes some major mistakes when it is undertaking a competitive intelligence process, it is obvious that such organizations will not be able to make any profits in their business operations. Most of these entities end up getting the wrong information, which makes it very hard for them to remain competitive in the market. As a business owner, here are some of the common competitive intelligence mistakes that you should work hard towards avoiding.

Ignoring Small Competitors

Most of the organizations tend to ignore most of the smaller companies when they are conducting competitor analysis. There is a perception that such organizations cannot affect the operations of the company and therefore needs to be ignored. This means that the competitive intelligence process is only focused on some of the leading organizations in the market because these are the entities that can offer any form of competition. This is a major mistake that has led to significant business failures.

Ignoring Industrial Trends

In the business competition, remaining up to date helps an organization to have all the information about the level of competition in the market. A business that is always ready to deal with the competition that is emerging from other organizations in the market. This means that the company has always been paying considerable attention to everything that is prevailing in the industry. This helps the company to incorporate the best strategies that can help it to deal with extreme challenges.

Ignoring Competitor Successes

As a competing company, there is no way you will always win the battle in the market. In some instances, your competitor will emerge as the winner. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore the successes of your competitors. It is very important that you appreciate your competitor has won the battle and focus on winning in the next battle. This will help you to learn some essential competition strategies that most of the companies have been missing as they compete with other entities in the market.

Ignoring Competitor Mentions

When you are collecting data on the influence of your competitors in the market, you don’t have to restrict your data collection on their competitive strategies. You need to make sure that your focus pays attention to everything involving your competitors. This will help your company to be in a situation where you have all the necessary details about your competitors, and you can use such details to help your organization. For example, you need to take care of competitor mentions and understand the reasons why they have been mentioned.

Ignoring Keyword Research

When doing competitive intelligence in the market, you cannot ignore keyword searches. You need to know the keywords that your competitors have been using to succeed in online marketing. These are the same keywords that can also help your organization to rank higher on the search engine. Without such keywords, your company will always struggle to have an impact in the market.

Sometimes the companies undertaking competitive intelligence do not realize when they are making such mistakes. That is why it is important for such organizations to have an extra eye in intelligence gathering. NetBase Quid will prevent such mistakes from happening and ensure that the company performs the best competitor analysis.


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