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How to Get Whatsapp Logs With TheOneSpy Whatsapp Spy App

Whatsapp messenger is one of the finest communication service that is available to the users around the globe. According to a report, almost all the smartphone users around the globe use Whatsapp.

This account for more than 2.5 billion active users worldwide. This wide access has posed some serious implications to its users as well. The most vulnerable users of Whatsapp are kids and in some cases these are employees.

So, the parents and employers look to log Whatsapp of their target users and the best service in this aspect is TheOneSpy.

Logging all the chats with TheOneSpy

The chats are the major source of communication over the Whatsapp messenger. The primary objective of the parents and employers is to monitor all their target users’ activities by all means.

Using chat monitoring feature, the parent will be able to view, read, track, and monitor even a single character that is communicated in chats. The monitoring can be done over one on one and group chats as well.

By having a hand on this feature, the parent can find out any sort of suspicious activity happening with the child. If a cyber criminal is trying to harass or bully the child, the parent can take necessary actions by viewing and reading the chat remotely from the end-user’s control panel.

Besides this, if an employee looks to damage the business interests by sharing the deep side business secrets with the unconcerned people, employees monitoring software the employer will be able to find out such activity.

Image and videos tracking and monitoring

All the multimedia that is shared over the network can be monitored. All the images and videos that are exchanged over through the chats can be effectively tracked. The end-user can view all these files without any hassle remotely.

If there is content that is immoral and inappropriate for the child, the parent can remove such content remotely. The same is the case with employees, if there is any content or document that is confidential and meant to be concealed, the employer can remove the same remotely.

Moreover, if a specific contact shares inappropriate and suspicious content, the same contact can be blocked to communicate with the target user.

It is reported that a large number of cyber attacks that are happened on the businesses found their way to official mobile devices through Whatsapp chats. Thus, the feature warns a great deal of monitoring to the employers so that they can know what is happening over with their employee.

So, using the multimedia tracking function of TheOneSpy, the employers and parents can keep their interests intact.

Voice notes monitoring

The voice notes feature of the Whatsapp messenger is one of the most vital. It spares the user with hassle of typing long texts and messages, rather allows to send and receive voice messages over the network instantly.

TheOneSpy Whatsapp spy app allows monitoring all the voice notes sent and received by the kid or employee to their connection. In this way, the end-user will be able to find out all the potential threats and insecurities that can be posed to business and families all the way.

VoIP and video calls

The finest feature of Whatsapp is that it allows to make and receive VoIP and video calls over the social network.

The Whatsapp spy app TheOneSpy enables the end-user to monitoring even a bit of communication that is taken place through these VoIP and video calls.

The calls can be listened to in real-time remotely without any hassle. These calls can be recorded and saved to the online web portal of the spy app, subject to the customization as per requirement.

This feature restricts any sort of harassment and cyber bullying activity that can be taken up over the child.

Screen recording over Whatsapp

All the live performing screen activities that are performed over the phone screen while using Whatsapp can be logged all the way. All that an end-user needs to do is to customize settings as per need over the control panel, after this, the live screen activities are recorded in the form of short clips.

These short clips are saved to the online dashboard and can be monitored as per convenience.


The significance and usage of Whatsapp spy app TheOneSpy is discussed in detail in this article.


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