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Recruitment Strategies to use in 2021

The techniques and strategies to hire any employee in the past years were much more different and are outdated now. The world of recruitment has also changed in 2021 and with everything else in the world, this will also keep on modifying in future. With a growing number of IT roles, the expansion of remote work, the increased consideration of skills, the future of the recruitment process could be different from where it is now. For all the recruitment teams, it is best to stay updated with the current hiring trends.

What is a Recruitment Strategy?

A recruitment strategy is a plan to select the right candidate for the vacant position. Recruitment strategy for different job roles is different but below are a few basic starting points which can work best in 2021 and which can help you reach the right job seekers.

Your Candidates are Your Customers

Recruitment teams should always remember that the candidates they are looking for are their customers. Recruiters might be looking for just one perfect candidate but their company or brand will be attracting candidates more than one. When a job seeker reads the job description, he is your customer.

Also, during the interview process, you obviously take interviews more than one and not everybody will be selected so treat your candidates like customers. One of the best recruiting strategies is to treat interviewees like your customers.

Be respectful of their time, make yourself available and be hospitable.

Use Social Media

Looking for an applicant in 2021 makes it very obvious to use social media. During 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media globally, a number predicted to increase to around 4.41 billion by 2025. Not just one single purpose, social media is used for various purposes like communicating with friends and family, advertising brand, network career opportunities etc.

On social media platforms, you can share the job postings with a broad network and can do a two-way conversation. Even if the people you reach are not interested in the job, they can recommend someone a good fit for the job.

Use Niche Job Board

For years, the recruitment process has been evolving and now there are a lot of niche job boards specializing in a certain field. This means that you can find the right candidate at the right place. For example, if you are looking for a social media expert with 5 years of experience, you might want to look at the website which mainly helps you find the right social media expert. This kind of website has less traffic than bigger websites but they will give you exactly what you are looking for. You will get fewer candidates but with fine skill sets.

Post an Accurate Job Description

One of the most important and obvious steps to find the perfect applicant is to post an accurate job description. A lot of times, the company posts a job description with inaccurate or incomplete information which results in getting very few or irrelevant resumes. It is always suggested to post a complete, detailed and accurate job description.

Check Resumes Posted Online

Always check resumes posted online, you might get to see the right fit for the position you are looking for. Despite the fact that you have already posted a job description on various platforms according to the niche you are looking for, you should still not miss a chance to look at a candidate’s profile on other different platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor.

These kinds of websites give you the chance to conduct a relevant search and get notified whenever a new candidate makes his profile.

Consider Past Candidates

Considering past candidates is never a bad option. Considering a past candidate is a great benefit. The candidate who has worked with your organization in the past, knows your company culture, rules and regulations, work environment and policies. It can also save you time in looking for a new candidate. If you have worked with a good candidate in the past and for whom you have a suitable vacant position, you should consider him.

These are some tips to recruit employees for your companies. If you want to hire executive-level employees, we recommend hiring a company that provides executive search services. Executive hiring is not like normal hiring. The process has to be comprehensive and granular. So, it is better if you let an executive search firm do it.


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